Thanks to everyone who is still checking the blog for updates. I haven’t forgotten you nor abandoned the project.

I have been horny and frustrated as hell.

Since I returned from Fetcon, my lockdown schedule was set for next year. Then, the extremely sexy Brooke Bliss came to the area and the order came to shoot with her. That shoot was a lot of fun: for her. I enjoyed it too, but not as much as I had hoped! I’ll tell you about it another time.

In all my spare time I have been editing the footage shot at Fetcon. Sometimes I wonder which is more frustrating. Is it the actual shoot? Or is it having to relive it on video time and again while hunting for the best angles to share with our customers.

Goddess Ami Mercury gives Tiny Chaste A Chastity Blowjob

It has taken me three days just to edit “most” of Goddess Ami’s clips. (Pictured above) We shot a couple of times at Fetcon. One of the clips has just taken my breath away. Sometimes these video cameras surprise me with what they capture. How can I not look at that picture and remember the feeling and frustration? Then in addition to editing I have to post on our social platforms and here on the blog. I hurt right now just thinking about this!

Next, I started editing Goddess D’s clips. Goddess D is new to our studio and my keyholding collective. She is as devious as she is beautiful.

Goddess D and I got along so well. Her style of domination meshes exactly with my dream of the perfect dominatrix. Soft and friendly, constantly teasing and yet, never relenting in her desire to keep me frustrated in chastity.

Goddess D teases Tiny Chaste's chastity cage.

I’m only a couple of clips into her session now. Because I knew I need to keep this blog updated lest you all leave, I wanted to share what was going on. Plus, give you a sneak peek at future clip updates.

Don’t forget that through this all, I am still keeping our Clips for Sale studio updated daily around noon. We also are publishing clips on IWantClips every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. (Times vary on IWant Clips.)

I also want to thank everyone who tweeted or messaged me recently. Your kind comments made me feel good and give me renewed desire to continue documenting this journey.

Also, we released two of our new Fetcon clips:

What You Wish You Had
with Goddess Carmen

Destroying Your Testicles
with Sarah DiAvola