Growing a male chastity fetish seems to be a contradiction, doesn’t it?

While I was seeing my “mistress,” I filled in the gaps by surfing porn on the Internet.

I loved the story sites like Literotica, and Chastity Mansion forums was another must read. It was fascinating to hear about how chastity took a roll in the lives of others. I used to dream some of those stories would one day happen to me.

male chastity fetish teaseThen I found Tumblr.

Wow! Tumblr was like a never ending porn fountain. I’d log on and see pictures of my deepest and darkest fantasies. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

I immediately started a blog and would reblog my favorite pictures. It still amazes me how many posts I reblogged. Over 5,000.

At the time, I didn’t realize that I could go back to any that I “loved.” My thought was I would preserve them so I could look back at my favorites again and again. (I was pretty dumb, in fact, I still am.)

But reblogging was a good thing because I was helping others raise their visibility and also building a base of followers. By the time I got up to about fifteen hundred followers, which was a large number to me at the time, I had the itch to create and post my own content.

The next time I visited my “mistress,” I talked with her about the possibility of photographing some parts of our session for my blog. She agreed to let me shoot with my phone camera as long as her face didn’t show. At the time I had no idea about the legal requirements of posting nudes or sexual content online. I am not even sure they would apply as it was content made between us and shared without profit.

Some of those pics took off. It amazed me that people liked my homemade pics. Of course, that fueled the desire to produce more.

chastity fetish massageI met a young lady who was doing massages shortly after that. She had a beautiful face, a hot body and she was easy to talk with. Feeling at ease, I told her about my Tumblr blog. She was a part time model and said she’d be up to shoot some content with me.

And so I booked my very first male chastity fetish photo shoot. There was only one problem, I only had the camera on my phone. But I had a video camera and I knew how to grab stills.

That story comes next time!

Note: Tumblr has since declared adult content is banned from being on their system. Almost every photo I try to post gets flagged. As a result, my blog there is now pretty clean, although I do get one by the censor program occasionally. The weird thing is, I still see tons of graphic porn there all the time. There are still some chastity and femdom bloggers sticking it out there. My content has been moved to BDSMLr.

BTW – Check out our new Male Chastity Photos section. Some of the best stills from our many video clips!

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