If you read Nuts Aren’t Supposed To Do That you know that Goddess Sarah forced my testicles through the gap of my chastity cage. Following that and the other CBT I had suffered at Fetcon, my testicles starting escaping.

They had never done this from this cage before. The gap between the cage and the ring was perfect for my testicles to remain trapped. My chastity was secure.

But Goddess Sarah unwittingly put an end to that.

Even after a week of recovery from Fetcon, my testicles would retract with the skill of Houdini.

I had to go to the doctor’s for an exam. Luckily they were just bruised – I didn’t explain what really happened. I told the doc that I was extremely sore after meeting an immovable object with my scrotum.

In a way, that was true.

The problem remained though – the cage was not secure and my balls would eventually pull through the gap. With lots of pain I may add.

So how do we combat that? Well, first, I had to start using my Holy Trainer v3 again. I like the Holy Trainer, but it isn’t as easy to clean when on and I have to come out for a thorough cleaning.

Holy Trainer Nub Chastity Cage

The HT Nub doesn’t have as much visibility in the videos as the Mature Metal does. So for the shoots, I will be wearing a smaller ring with my MM cage. The problem is that is tight enough that my balls turn cold. So it isn’t suitable for long term.

While I could send things back to Mature Metal, I’m not exactly sure what changes I need made yet. Obviously the gap needs to be reduced. By how much though, I’m not sure.

I have about four or five Mature Metal cages. Why? First, I love them. Second, my size has changed as I’ve gotten older. My balls tend to not be as tight as they once were.

I’m kind of upset that this has happened. The cage I’ve been wearing was a comfortable fit. Now, not so much.

So what are my choices for long term? Well – I’m going into a full belt. We’ve ordered one and I’ll see how that goes. If it works out and we can determine all the measurements, a better, more expensive belt will be custom ordered.

Chastity isn’t cheap. Do us a favor and go buy some clips!

I’ll keep you updated when the new belt arrives and I get locked for that test.

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