I’m always promoting chastity. In particular, our clips, but also the fantasy and the lifestyle.

So many people reach out to tell me how lucky I am. Some offer to submit if I would include them in our shoots. Others ask how to get in touch with my Goddesses or say they wish they could be me. 

They want to “serve” but in most cases they just want a session. (Hopefully for free.) 

If you knew my day to day life, none of you would really want to be me. You see the highlights, the clips, the photos – but you don’t see what goes on in my world. I’m a pretty lonely individual. I don’t have a “full time live-in goddess.” I’m not constantly around or serving these beautiful women.

Because I remain locked, I don’t have much option to develop a “real” relationship. Who wants to go out with a guy only to discover he is locked in chastity and porn stars hold his keys. So I have no intimacy. Which is a sad way to live. I’m expected to be on call when a Goddess has time for me. And then it is usually a shoot and I must compensate them.

Plus when the clip sales are down, I have to answer for that. So I work as much as I can on promoting chastity – and our clips.

I don’t want to constantly say “Buy Our Clips”, but without those sales, my Goddesses would be very unhappy. The shooting and studio would cease to exist. 

That is one reason it disturbed me the other day when I found one of our full clips online at Pornhub. Someone had purchased the video and placed it online where over 11,000 people viewed it for free. 

This video never recouped the investment, which surprised me. It was a really hot tease and denial. My surprise turned to anger when I discovered it online. We lost out because someone wanted to share our content without permission. 

We issued a DMCA takedown and it will be removed, (I hope) but those sales are lost. That SOB cost my Goddesses money. He wasn’t promoting chastity or our studio. It was theft. 

Please, if you want to help out and promote our work, share our free content – the blog articles, the pics we post on Tumblr, Sharesome, BDSMLR and NewTumbl and retweet our Twitter posts. Like and share our BentBox offerings and our videos on Clips4Sale, IWantClips and ManyVids. 

Can’t afford to buy a clip? Some shares would help – and that goes a long way to helping me keep my Goddesses happy.

Tabasco Handjob – art from an upcoming clip – shared on DeviantArt!

And on that note, I found a new site (for us) on which to promote chastity and our clips. We now have a new page at DeviantArt. I’m using filters on our stills to create artwork which will only be shared there.

Go follow us, it is free to create an account and there is a ton of awesome artwork from some really talented people. Explore the site and you will be amazed at the talent!