Just wanted to share some exciting news, for me anyway!

On Monday, I get to shoot with Nadia again.

It has been a long time since I have been in her presence. She has been busy with shoots for other companies and producers. Plus she has become a competitive eating champion.

I also know that she is no longer a blonde and is seeing a new man. I’m not sure what that will mean for our shoot/ session.

I’ve been locked since the 23rd of April with no shoots, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Today I’d like to share a quick story behind our second clip for the studio:

Sharing Is Caring

Male Chastity - Sharing Is Caring Clip

It started with Nadia talking on the phone to her boss, Pandora. I had tried to get Pandora to shoot some stills for my Tumblr blog a few months back. She ignored my request.

While talking, Nadia tells Pandora she has me locked in chastity and will be sharing me with her friends and family. She finished the conversation and proceeded to masturbate in front of me.

Her masturbation consisted of fingering herself, then bringing out the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and using it to tease me, before she came.

All the time, I was kneeling beside her in the bed with my penis still drooling precum from the previous scene: I Will Hold Your Keys.

At the finish of the clip, I congratulated Nadia on a great premise. Obviously she wasn’t talking to anyone on the phone, and I figured she wouldn’t “out” me to someone I didn’t know. I never even assumed she was serious.

As soon as I uttered my praise, she got that stern Nadia look on her face and said:

“That wasn’t just for the scene. I’m keeping you locked and sharing you with my friends. I’ll be passing your keys around so you better listen to them.”

I stood there stunned for a moment. Nadia knew I was a whore for beautiful women and apparently she had figured out a way to keep me horny without a ton of effort on her part.

Then Nadia handed me a piece of paper filled with information. “Your next shoot is with Pandora. You need to book a room at that hotel on that date and be ready to shoot at the time on the note. She may or may not have your keys.”

Gazing at the note, I felt my cock throb in its cage.

“Now, let’s shoot some more clips. I still have over an hour to tease you.”

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