Taboo Chastity usually involves fantasies of Mom locking her son up, or daughter trapping dad in chastity. I’ve even seen step-mother chastity porn stories.

This is a different type of story about taboo chastity.

It isn’t uncommon for clients to approach clip studios and producers for “customs.”

Everyone has their own rules and rates for custom videos too.

chastity key holderIf it is just the “talent,” the rate may be pretty reasonable, depending on the complexity of the script or concept. If the concept requires multiple talents, you need to compensate everyone involved.

In the early days of our studio, a gentleman approached us with a concept that Nadia & Pandora wanted to shoot.

A mother and daughter discover they are dating the same man. They invite him over for some kinky mother/daughter fun. When he arrives, instead of playing with them, they knock him out and lock him in chastity.

taboo chastityThe two then extract their revenge by turning him into their chastity slave.

The client wanted us to use the name Frank as their victim. Throughout the clip, they would refer to me by that name.

Part of our deal with the client was that we would also be able to release this through our studio.

We titled the clip: Mother Daughter Revenge.

We have received other custom requests too. Some are too far out there to produce. Others violated our own limits and we declined to shoot that content. Then came the choking clip.

taboo chastity custom clipA “client” wanted us to produce a very specific clip that involved a female domme holding a male slave in a neck lock. He even requested what the domme was to wear. The domme he wanted was not available at the time, but he agreed to another.

Since the shoot was coming up rapidly, we went ahead and shot the content. This cost me money to pay for the extra time during the shoot. Can you guess my mistake?

The “client” decided he didn’t want to pay the fee for the custom and I was stuck with the footage. (I had even sent a quick sample clip and still from the shoot to him.)

I’m not sure if he thought we would release it anyway and he would buy it for less, or if he was just a time waster, but I was out cash.

That clip may or may not be released. We shot it three years ago and it still sits on my hard drive to remind me I did things backward. As a result, our studio no longer shoots custom clips.