I’ve been sharing stories about past shoots with you and figured it was time to tell you about this week in chastity!This Week In Chastity With Nadia

I have a lot of lockdown time. Nothing really happens, I work at my job, I edit videos, I write articles, I plan the social media and get that scheduled. Other than being frustrated by looking at my Goddesess and constantly thinking about everything I’ve been blessed with, life is pretty normal on the outside.

Then there are weeks like this one.

This week I traveled to Philadelphia to see Nadia. This is the first time I have been in her presence in almost a year. She no longer has the blonde hair I fell in love with. Her darkened color gives her an even more regal, devilish, femdom feel. I’m as deeply in love with this color too.

Nadia was very good to me. That is really all I can say at this point. You will definitely want to catch her new clips coming to the studio in mid-June.

Then on Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Goddess Savannah Costello. This woman is amazing. She loves to cause me pain and watch my reaction. As a pain wimp, she gets the biggest kick out of seeing me jump, groan and cry out in ways pain sluts don’t. 

This Week In Chastity I Saw Goddess Savannah

Goddess Savannah stifles my cries as Goddess Nyssa flogs my ass.

Then, after all the agony, all the fear on my part, all the nerves that go with her shoots, she turns into the sweetest woman in the world.

Crushing My Cock With Her BootAfter most shoots, I take her out to dinner. We talk, we laugh, we really connect as friends. To see her in public, you’d think, wow, what an attractive, sweetheart. And she is, until the bedroom door closes.

Then, on Monday, I am meeting a new key holder to my growing list of tormentors. She is 21 years old and this will be her first chastity shoot. I had to send her some links to read up on male chastity, along with some of our videos that she could watch to get ideas. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I have been told by Nadia it will be fun – at least for the young lady.

Following that shoot, I will be on a lockdown until early August – when I will attend Fetcon and shoot with fifteen goddesses in five days. That I have been told should supply our studio with clips until late in the year – so I may not see freedom or release again until 2020.

And that was: This week in chastity!


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