Today I want to give you a look behind the scenes with Goddess Dani from yesterday’s clip shoot. We had planned to start shooting at 4, but nature has a way to throw a roadblock in the path of a chastity sub. (Actually, I wasn’t sure if Dani would have my keys so hope was really all I had.)

Dani texted me about 2:30 to say traffic was horrendous and she would be late. That snapped me out of the project that had absorbed my focus and I realized I would be late too if I didn’t get moving.

I had shaved the day before, using the Manscaped trimmers that were a gift from a fan. I went back over everything with a razor, hoping I would be clean shaven enough for Goddess Dani’s pleasure. After that, I grabbed a shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed and grabbed my gear. I arrived at the shoot location myself at 4:00 – so I was very glad that I didn’t make her wait!

It took Goddess another hour and 15 minutes to reach me. She was in a good mood when she arrived, I think because she knew I didn’t mind plus she was happy to see me.

Goddess Dani and I have a special friendship. We really enjoy each others’ company. She is a fascinating, beautiful, down to earth woman with a great sense of humor and a kinky side that would light any man’s world on fire.

As she cleaned up from the drive and put on make-up, we caught up on everything that has been going on in our lives. Then she slipped on a cute little flowered dress that accents the girl next door look I love.

We started with her doing a POV scene, licking, sucking and kissing my balls, then caged cock, before taking it into her warm wet mouth.

If you look in the feature photo at the top of the article, you will see a yellow remote control. That operates the shock collar she strapped around my cock and balls. Anytime I would get close to coming, she’d just hit the button to steal my edge.

Also in the pic, you are getting a bit of a behind the scene look because you can see the POV camera I am holding to catch the action.

A look behind the scenes with Goddess DaniFolks – that is NOT easy. I was so horny, unable to cum and trying to keep a steady shot as she teased the hell out of me and occasionally shocked my nuts. But hey, that is why we have backup cameras.

This was the first time we shot in full 4K. I’m curious … would you prefer clips in 4K? 1080? 720? (which our most of our current clips) and should we start to release lower resolution for phones?

If you can, please vote in the poll below and let me know.

Thanks – Tiny

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