If you have been following us on Twitter, BDSMLr, Sharesome or even Tumblr (which I will likely drop soon….) you may already know we now have a studio on BentBox.co

BentBox Cover ImageThis site was recommended to me several months ago. I hestitated to check it out because it seemed to be more of a photography platform.

During a conversation with another producer, he mentioned I should consider it again.

I’m not a photographer, although I believe there are times I can compose a pretty decent shot. Even if I happen to be straining in my chastity cage and distracted by a beautiful Goddess teasing me at the time.

Since all of our stills are usually clips from our videos, or from select out-takes, I didn’t feel a BentBox studio would be a good match for our content.

He told me to go on there and take a look at what others were selling. Your content should be there, he said.

So I looked, and he was right. The site gave me some ideas for how I could best utilze it.

Why is BentBox different?

Numbed Blowjob On BentBoxFor one thing, you don’t have to sell just clips. You can create boxes.

A box is a collection – it could be a collection of clips, of photos, of gif files, anything you feel a follower may be interested in buying.

I started going back through some of our early content, grabbing new stills from the clips. Damn, we have some pretty hot scenes there! If you have never seen our early content, you owe it to yourself to dig back – or grab the “boxes” as they come out on BentBox!

To really start there, I had to create 10 boxes. One idea I had was to take some of our behind the scenes shorts and create a box full of those clips. Behind The Scenes has 21 clips that give you sneak peeks at things we haven’t (in most cases) shared. 

The idea of bundling the clips with hot stills from the scenes appeals to me. This has also led me to think about creating some very unique content especially for BentBox.

I plan to talk with my Goddesses about sharing some interviews bundled with their clips in the future. Plus I can see creating special gifs and short clips to include.

Here is the best part. You can earn money too. When you create a free account on BentBox, you can sign up for their affiliate program. Then just share the links to content you like on social media, your blog, etc. The shares will embed your affiliate code and you can get paid if anyone buys the content.

So what are you waiting for – go buy some hot Tiny Chaste boxes and then start promoting them! My Goddesses and I thank you!