Hope Harper left about 4 pm. My next shoot was with Nyx Chaos at 6:00, so I dressed, ran out for a quick meal and brought it back to the room. After I ate, I grabbed a shower and waited for Nyx to arrive.

The traffic was pretty bad and she texted me to say she would be late. So I waited …..

And waited …..

And waited …..

Finally she arrived, over an hour and a half late. We were supposed to shoot from 6 – 8 pm, because I had a shoot with Miss Whitney Morgan scheduled from 9 – 11 pm.

This meant we had to hurry to record her clips. She didn’t even change, opting to start in her street clothes.

Our first clip was: Fuck Massage My Feet.

Nyx sat on the couch, examined my chastity and then unlocked me and removed my chastity cage.

She held out her feet and told me to fuck massage them.

Then she whipped out her phone and proceeded to ignore me for the next fifteen minutes as I humped my dick between her feet.

Her feet were slightly cold, not at all like Hope & Anastasia’s warm hands. There was also very little pressure from her. Had she pushed them together a bit more, or danced her toes over me, I might have cum. But this situation made it impossible.

Nyx Chaos Foot MassageTo make it even more humiliating, Nyx didn’t even care that I was there.

I’m not sure what caused me to be erect. Was it from being allowed contact with her feet? Or the fact she acted like I was inconsequential and ignored me? Maybe it was the humiliation of this combination.

No matter what it was, I definitely became rock hard.

After Nyx ignored me for fifteen minutes, she finally put down her phone and made me stop. She ordered me to crawl away, and then went off camera to throw on a black top with denim cutoff shorts.

In the video, we edited this scene shift by fading to black and opening with her sitting across the couch and me laying on the floor.

Nyx Chaos FootjobNyx was going to use my cock again but this time she was going to move her feet against my stationary penis.

The manipulation proved too much and by this time, my body had recovered enough to shoot out another load of cum.

Nyx wasn’t happy and planned on telling Nadia how disgusting I was. She then started to force my chastity cage back on. We faded here because the process took a long time since my tiny penis didn’t want to soften.

Finally Nyx had me locked away and we moved on to shoot the next clip, and that will be in the next post.

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