Before I continue the story of my descent into a male chastity life that many guys tell me they envy …

I need to deviate to a topic that recently caused us a lot of stress.

If I lose readers and fans because of this, I apologize for being blunt, but I need to say it.

Pay4Porn - #PayForPornEven today, with the way my chastity life has evolved, shooting clips is expensive.

I told you in the last article, the STD Gold Panel test is about $200, and I neglected to mention the blood draw fee of $35. Those tests are good for 14 days, meaning this is a recurring expense.

There are model fees. Yes, I have to pay my mistresses. With more than one, it isn’t cheap.

The ladies have to make a living. I pay for their hotel rooms and travel expenses. There is expense getting rooms to shoot the videos.

Sometimes I take my model/Goddesses to an expensive dinner in a nice restaurant.

I’ve had to replace video cameras and replace my computer and hard drives. I have mileage, airfare, business expenses, professional expenses (accountant, lawyer), taxes and licenses.

This is a business.

Please pay for your porn - PayForPornA percentage of every sale goes to the clip sites. After all the expenses, and the clip sale sites taking their cut, independently produced porn is not lucrative.

Why? Because today, any one can grab a camera and post the results. Between camgirls and x-rated video tube sites, along with the thousands of studios on clip stores, competition is at an all-time high.

Of course, any money made from the clip stores goes to my keyholder.

What is my point?

The other day, we found 57 of my clips stolen and available for free download on the Internet. That is more than 1/10th of my total content.

If someone buys a clip, that doesn’t give them the rights to distribute or share it. That person isn’t helping to promote my studio. They are stealing from me.

And so is everyone who views or downloads that free content.

PayForPorn - support the models that make your fantasies come aliveI have preview clips available and there are even some full streaming clips available. I have photo blogs and this blog, along with a Twitter feed.

The people who steal porn cost my keyholder, and therefore me, money. If we can’t afford to keep producing it hurts everyone who enjoys and purchases our clips.

Not to mention those who enjoy seeing our promotional content.

I know studios, producers and models who have quit because they couldn’t make ends meet as a result of this piracy.

57 clips – seriously? The time it takes to track these clips down and issue DMCA takedown letters is time that could be spent editing a hot new clip and preview for you.

Please #PayForPorn – #Pay4Porn. You help everyone, including yourself.