Keeping up with social media is tough. I have the blog, Twitter, Instagram, BDSMLr, Sharesome, NewTumbl and a lot of avenues to mess with. Add to that Pornhub, XVideos, plus shooting, editing and posting our clips. It is tough to keep up with everything.


This past week has been a blur.


After Fetcon, I wasn’t supposed to shoot with anyone for the remainder of this year. We have so much content waiting to be edited. Then I was told to shoot with Brooke Bliss.


That was to be  my last shoot of the year……


But last Saturday I shot with Goddess Nyssa, she is a beautiful Asian domme who really liked my new chastity belt. (Review here.) I always enjoy shooting with Goddess Nyssa, things never go as planned. She prefers to keep me guessing and make my life difficult.


On Tuesday of this week I shot with Goddess Valora. In the past, she has been extremely mean to my balls. This time, there was no CBT. (Well, a minimum.) But by the time we were finished my balls were blue and aching. These scenes will be very hot and I highly recommend you keep your eyes open for their appearance in our clip stores.


Then, on Wednesday I shot with Goddess Savannah. It wasn’t enough we shot for our studio, she also had me shoot clips for her new studio. Again, lots of tease, lots of denial. I am so horny it is killing me, I feel like my balls will explode.


I think maybe the ladies are ramping up my frustration to make this fall miserable for me.



In other news, one of my favorite tease and denial clips released in WMV-HD format yesterday. Keep It In Your Penis features the amazing Goddess Jasmin Jai. If you haven’t gotten this clip (which was released earlier in MP4 Format),  you owe it to yourself. Very hot POV tease from an incredible lady!


Well, back to my editing and trying to keep up with our other social media posts. If you aren’t following us on any of the sites mentioned above, you should try. I am being told that I will be producing different content to share on each. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some cross-over, but it does mean my life for the next few months will be busy as hell.


Thanks for being here and following the blog!