The central Atlantic states have models, but if you want to shoot porn, you need to head to Florida or California.

It seems like porn stars flock to these two areas, and Florida has a lot of fetish porn talent. So Nadia decided that I would travel to Central Florida and shoot content for the studio.

During the couple of days that I was there, I shot content with Freya Von Doom, Goddess Valora, Nyx, Anastasia Rose, Phoenix Wild, Melanie Hicks, Whitney Morgan and Hope Harper.

What I thought was going to be heaven on Earth turned out to be a nightmare.

My flight got in late in the afternoon and I had to prepare for my first shoot with Goddess Valora that evening. The following day I shot with Anastasia, Hope Harper, Nyx and Whitney. My final day was the shoot with Phoenix and Melanie, capped off with Goddess Freya Von Doom.

In those couple of days I was with more beautiful women than I had been in the last few years.

What I didn’t realize was that some of them were determined to milk me dry.

By the end of the trip I would be associating having an orgasm with pain. What I also didn’t realize while there, it would be quite a while until my next shoot and I would be locked for an extended period.

With Hope Harper

This was the first time I was meeting any of these young women. I was really nervous wondering how they would react to a heavyset older man with a little dick locked in a stainless steel cage.

Of course, Nadia had told them what to expect and what they could or should not do.

But taking off my clothes under their watchful eyes was humbling and humiliating. Especially since they were all much younger than I am.

One thing I did learn from this trip was that these Goddesses sometimes set their own schedule. I would be ready and waiting for them, only to get a text they would be another hour or so.

I realize I’m not in a position to complain, but when sessions/shoots are back to back, it can throw off the entire schedule.

In one case, it meant two models that were not supposed to cross over, ended up doing a scene together. It turned out pretty hot, but because of this, we were down one clip and I knew I would be the one to get in trouble.

Next time I’ll tell you about my first shoot with Goddess Valora.

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