Back when I was a teenager, guys would say they were going to bust a nut on their dates, referring to having sex with the girl and blowing their load.

When Audrey offered to help me bust a nut, she meant it literally. Bust A Nut preview

Following the first clip of our shoot, Audrey told me she brought along a bra and panty set. She offered me the privilege of seeing her wear them, of course, there was a price to pay.

Audrey placed me on the bed and went to change.

This was going to be a POV shoot so I held a camera, but with everything that happened over the following 30 minutes, I was glad we had backup cameras in place.

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She started by giving me a look at her cute lingerie set. As if that didn’t have me straining in my chastity enough, she proceeded to use the electric toothbrush on my dick to make certain everything was nice and tight.

Bust A Nut preview 2From the stimulation and vibrations against my penis to the taunting visuals and tickling fingers of her warm hands, she was driving me crazy.

Then came her feet.

Her sexy bare feet came up to crush my balls. With my dick trying to erect, the ring already was pulling on them. The pressure from her feet felt like I was going to get castrated.

All the time, Audrey maintains that sexy little excited smile and tone that leaves no doubt she is having fun. Audrey Sugarsmak in Bust A Nut

We released the clip in a full 27 minute version.

We also released the clip broken into three segments:

Pleasure And Pain – Bust A Nut – Part 1

Sensations – Bust A Nut – Part 2 and

Supreme Frustration – Bust A Nut – Part 3

Nut busting by AudreyThese lines from the clip descriptions definitely describe that experience:

A mixture of stimuli that drives you insane. You’ll fall in love with Audrey’s style of domination and teasing. She doesn’t play at male chastity, she embraces it with gusto.