Orgasm control clips go hand in hand with chastity.

Orgasm control can mean several types of sexual activities. You can control your own orgasm by postponing it. Or someone can take control of your orgasm, either denying or forcing it to happen.

Orgasm Control ClipsHaving orgasm control over yourself takes time to learn. Some guys never get it. But when you can develop that control, edging yourself creates an incredible feeling. I’m not good at edging myself. I prefer to suffer the sensations at the hands of my Goddesses, and I find they read my tells better than I ever could.

Our orgasm control clips follow the last two scenarios described above. Denied or Forced.

Chloe Kreams, who I mentioned in my last article, edged me 29 times in 50 minutes. And this was the first time we ever met. Even at her young age, she has developed the skill to understand exactly what the male member is doing.

Other Goddesses have learned my body and reactions over the past number of years. They now know exactly how to control my orgasms.

I’m a huge fan of edging. The feeling is intense and my whole body becomes sensitive. A couple of the most intense edging sessions I’ve experienced were Chloe’s clip: 29 Edges and Kristyna Dark’s clip: Sexual Mantra Tease.

orgasm control clips featuring Goddess ConstanceBut today, I want to talk about an orgasm control clip that involved Goddess Constance. Her style of domination is so cool. She knows I’m willing to do what she wants, and she talks to me at times as if I am a kid. The sing song in her voice makes me feel even smaller around her.

The day we shot this, Constance was wearing a lacy black outfit. She looked wonderful. My chastity removed, I was ordered to lay on the bed and she climbed between my legs for a POV clip.

orgasm control clips at TinyChaste.comShe began using the makeup brush, which is so soft, and a small feather duster to play with my penis. The blue vibrator came out next and she held it to my balls as she manipulated the controls. Constance then held it to the tip of my dick. She started playing the same wicked game, applying sensation, then removing it.

This play had me moaning with pleasure and groaning with the denial.

Next she pulled out the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. She used the two vibrators to stroke my penis up and down. It was so intense, the first time I had ever had anyone do that.

Constance continued to use the vibrators on my penis until I was as hard as I could get that day. The precum was glistening on the tip of my cock. Finally she decided to keep the vibrator on my cock. I was getting close to cumming. She sensed that and moved the vibrator up closer to my magic spot which is right beneath the head of my penis.

It never got there. Goddess took the Hitachi back down to my balls for a moment. Then she touched it to the head of my cock, just barely brushing my magic spot as she removed the vibrator completely.

My dick was covered in precum, but I was not allowed a release. She just sat there and told me: “It Sucks To Be You.” And that became the title of the clip.

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