Top 5 Tease Denial Chastity Clips For 8/14

Top 5 Tease Denial Chastity Clips For 8/14

We put together a preview of the top 5 tease denial chastity clips in our studio this week.

At number one, Goddess Dacey Harlot appears in Teasing Handjob.

Denied orgasm for months, Goddess Dacey removed me from chastity and manipulated me to the edge over and over. Knowing I’m a minute man, she wanted to play, but a few strokes brought me to the edge. I’m wasn’t supposed to cum and she wasn’t happy when I came without being touched.

At number two was Goddess Bella in Dirty Little Boy.

Goddess Bella took me out of my chastity cage for a teasing session. It had been so long since I had an orgasm I was on edge from the start. She used a variety of implements to tease my cock, then she pulled out the Hitachi Magic Wand. Goddess tied it to my penis and sat back to watch, but I instantly exploded without permission.

Upset, she subjected me to almost 3 1/2 minutes of intense post cum torture. Using her hand, then holding the Hitachi to my sensitive cock creating a mix of pleasure/pain. As she went to wash her hands, she promised me my fun was over and hers was just beginning.

handjob clip previewNumber three features Anastasia Rose in The Cum Challenge.

Removed from chastity, Anastasia offered a challenge. She would rub my cock for 15 minutes, and the number of times I could cum would equal the number of orgasms I get next year. A difficult challenge by a cute young goddess who started this clip with a case of the hiccups!

Kali's Teeth BraceletNumber four features Goddess Savannah in Your New Cage.

Removing my regular chastity cage, she put the spiked Kali’s Teeth bracelet around my penis, locking it to the base ring of my cage. She then started vibrating it which drove the spikes deeper into my dick as it tried to grow. At one point, she had three vibrators on me. The pain was so intense at times I was trembling.

cock dripping in chastity cageAnd at number five is the gorgeous redhead Sonia Harcourt in Dripping.

This was the first time we had ever met. I was kneeling on the table in tease position as ordered when she came in. Over the next 20 minutes Sonia learned a lot about me. She discovered how to make the precum flow and how to take me from the edge to 0 almost instantly. A very hot session caught on camera.

Enjoy this preview of our top 5 tease denial chastity clips:

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Before I Continue…..

Before I Continue…..

Before I continue the stories of my Florida shoots, I wanted to update you on my current situation.

From the middle of June through the end of July, I have been locked and chaste. I’m not even getting any play.

My days are filled with editing clips. Uploading content to Clips4Sale, IWantClips and ManyVids, and working on stills for social media.

We sell so few clips on KinkBomb uploading there isn’t worth the time involved. If you are one of our few KinkBomb customers, please consider trying C4S or IWantClips!

Ruined Orgasm ClipIn the meantime, my Goddesses have planned a full schedule for me at an upcoming event. I will be shooting with: Goddess Vicky Vixxx the day I arrive. She is a devious domme and usually ruins any orgasm she grants.

With me pent up, I’m willing to bet any release will be premature and ruined.

The next day I have three shoots, two are with Goddesses new to our studio, and in between I will be put through my paces with Goddess Dacey Harlot.

Sarah DiAvola

Sarah DiAvola

On the third day, three more dommes will frustrate and torture me. Goddess Cassandra Cain will be first, followed by the beautiful Jasmin Jai. The third is another new dominatrix that I am told will push my limits.

The fourth day of this adventure will have four shoots, pretty much back to back. Goddesses Ami Mercury, Ayla Aysel and Maria Jade all get to take a turn at me.

There is also a fourth who is new and things are being kept hush-hush. I’m not sure if I should be scared or excited.

The final day of the event I get to shoot another four sessions with Goddess Angel Lee, the devine Sarah DiAvola and the sexy Anastasia Rose. It has been years since I shot with Sarah and she has become a rather feared dominatrix during that time.

chastity sub orgasm release

Late that evening, I am also supposed to shoot again with Goddess Ami, and I’m told I will definitely not enjoy my last session.

So that is how it works here. 15 session shoots in 5 days. Then I am to be locked down until the end of the year. As frustrating as it will be, a ton of new content will be coming to our clips store.

Tormented In Chastity

Tormented In Chastity

Locked in chastity and tormented beyond belief that day, my evening was about to become harder than I would. (Bad chastity pun.)

in chastity for Miss Whitney MorganMiss Whitney had me reposition the cameras and lights in the bedroom. She had me lay down on the bed and she climbed on beside me.

Using brushes and vibrators she continued to tease my sensitive penis through the cage. My balls were aching with each stroke and my nerves were on fire.

She continued the “sister” role during this scene, so I rolled right along with it. God I wish she was. How awesome would that be? Teased and controlled by your actual sister?

locked in chastitySure, it would be humiliating. Possibly detrimental to your life-style. And maybe the idea of your sister doesn’t turn you on. My real step-sister doesn’t. But wouldn’t that make it even more humiliating? Submitting to someone you wouldn’t want to? Locked in chastity by someone you can’t stand?

I know it would be humiliating for me. And I’ve had a few Goddesses I wish I hadn’t had to submit too. But that is out of my control. Luckily Nadia and I can openly communicate and she doesn’t push me too often.

So back to Whitney Morgan!

After teasing me a while longer, she went to change into her leather pants. A bit of face-sitting was in the cards for me.

This was the first face-sitting scene I had shot as memory serves. I was wearing my hood at the time.

Not a good idea.

When Miss Whitney set her weight on my face, the rivets from the mask pressed hard into my flesh.

I couldn’t say anything as her ass cut off my air supply. Plus I was afraid of ruining the clip. So I laid there and literally suffered every moment of this.

Being smothered by her sexy sweaty leather ass was intoxicating. I just wish I could have enjoyed the time more.

in chastity to dominatrixAt the end of the session, she made me get down on the floor and put handcuffs on me in case she decided she wanted to play later. It was a pretty long night kneeling there on my old knees.

We released this 33 minute clip in the full version as: An Evening Of Chastity Torment.

We also broke it into two smaller clips:

Chastity Training (Part One) and Sweaty Leather Ass Smothering (Part Two)

The next morning, I had to get ready for my shoot with Melanie Hicks and Phoenix Wild. That is a story for the next post!

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