Femdom Handjobs

Femdom Handjobs

Femdom handjobs aren’t always pleasant. They differ depending on the domme.

Some dommes are sensual and give you a wonderful release before resuming a dominant role. 

Others make it fast and painful, wanting you to spurt your filth quickly.

Femdom handjobs can encompass edging, denial, C.B.T. , forced or coerced orgasms and post orgasm torture. 

Today I want to share a handjob I will never forget. 

I was sore after Goddess Freya had been pulling on my chastity chain and spanked me over her lap. Frankly, I was a bit afraid. Like I mentioned in the last article, she had been really nice when I met her. When the camera came on she was like a different person. Later I realized they were one and the same. Her idea of fun was pretty intense.

Goddess Freya decided I had been pretty good during the first part of our session, so she wanted to reward me.

I was placed on all fours on a table and she began to tease my locked up dick using her hands covered with pink fuzzy gloves. She also used some other instruments of frustration on my cage. 

It was a pretty intense tease and denial session. She even removed my chastity cage so she could tease my dick without any interference. 

At the end of an 15+ minute tease session, she wanted me to put my chastity cage back on. I was rock hard and couldn’t deflate. It didn’t help that she continued to vibrate my balls. The more I tried to force my cock back in the tiny cage, the harder it became. To say Goddess Freya wasn’t happy would be an understatement. (Even though it was a no-win situation.)

She pulled me to the bedroom and had me set up the cameras quickly. Even after a few minutes, my dick was still beet red and hard as could be.

Goddess sat on my chest and proceeded to give me her version of the femdom handjob.

femdom handjobs

I had been teased, denied, drained and teased again for the past couple of days. There was no way I could possibly cum again, or so I thought. Goddess wouldn’t give up. She yanked, pulled and tugged on my cock until it was on fire. Finally she got her way, forcing my dick to spurt in a painful eruption that felt like my balls were being forced through my penis. After cumming, there was some post cum tickle torture too, which made the sensations that much more intense.

We released the entire scene as a 29 minute clip titled: Come Out To Play

For tease & denial fans, we released the 18 minute tease on the table as: I Can Be Nice.

For femdom handjobs fans, we released the forced orgasm & post cum torture clip as: Handjob Of Doom.

Although it is several years old, this is still in my opinion one of the hottest clips we ever shot. And the fact Goddess Von Doom retired, it is a chance to see a true domme in action and regret the fact you never had a chance to serve.


$5.00 $10.00 $20.00

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Social Media Is Tough

Social Media Is Tough

Keeping up with social media is tough. I have the blog, Twitter, Instagram, BDSMLr, Sharesome, NewTumbl and a lot of avenues to mess with. Add to that Pornhub, XVideos, plus shooting, editing and posting our clips. It is tough to keep up with everything.


This past week has been a blur.


After Fetcon, I wasn’t supposed to shoot with anyone for the remainder of this year. We have so much content waiting to be edited. Then I was told to shoot with Brooke Bliss.


That was to be  my last shoot of the year……


But last Saturday I shot with Goddess Nyssa, she is a beautiful Asian domme who really liked my new chastity belt. (Review here.) I always enjoy shooting with Goddess Nyssa, things never go as planned. She prefers to keep me guessing and make my life difficult.


On Tuesday of this week I shot with Goddess Valora. In the past, she has been extremely mean to my balls. This time, there was no CBT. (Well, a minimum.) But by the time we were finished my balls were blue and aching. These scenes will be very hot and I highly recommend you keep your eyes open for their appearance in our clip stores.


Then, on Wednesday I shot with Goddess Savannah. It wasn’t enough we shot for our studio, she also had me shoot clips for her new studio. Again, lots of tease, lots of denial. I am so horny it is killing me, I feel like my balls will explode.


I think maybe the ladies are ramping up my frustration to make this fall miserable for me.



In other news, one of my favorite tease and denial clips released in WMV-HD format yesterday. Keep It In Your Penis features the amazing Goddess Jasmin Jai. If you haven’t gotten this clip (which was released earlier in MP4 Format),  you owe it to yourself. Very hot POV tease from an incredible lady!


Well, back to my editing and trying to keep up with our other social media posts. If you aren’t following us on any of the sites mentioned above, you should try. I am being told that I will be producing different content to share on each. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some cross-over, but it does mean my life for the next few months will be busy as hell.


Thanks for being here and following the blog!




Brianna’s First Male Chastity Tease

Brianna’s First Male Chastity Tease

A Twitter poll showed me that male chastity tease was one of the hottest subjects our fans enjoy. It is a happy coincidence that today’s post talks about a first time chastity tease.  So if you voted, and you like to see a beautiful lady tease a male in chastity, you should enjoy this!

After my return from Florida, we had enough video to keep the Clips4Sale Studio publishing every day. I was busy editing and posting clips. Some of my Goddesses provided the accompanying descriptions.  

This became a full time job. I’d work morning to night to get the clips ready for release.

Then there was the social media.  

Posting on Twitter to gain an audience. We already had a strong following on Tumblr. My job there was to schedule posts to release immediately following the clip release on C4S. 

So there was tons of graphic work, lots of editing and hours of posting & scheduling. My limited sex life came almost to a standstill.

first male chastity teaseThen Goddess Brianna came into the picture.

Brianna is a black haired beauty with beautiful eyes. Just as with Goddess Anastasia, she had a look that I love. Her curves and large, natural breasts were mouth-watering.

Goddess Brianna wasn’t a true Goddess, she was a young lady just entering the business and needed shoots. Nadia decided we would offer her a chance to play with me. 

We shot at a location in New Jersey. Brianna was a bit late and very nervous because male chastity tease was new to her. Plus, it takes a lot for two people who have never met to suddenly bare all in front of cameras. 

brianna male chastity teaseBecause it was Brianna’s first male chastity tease, Nadia offered her ideas and direction before the shoot. I think Brianna had more of a submissive nature, because she seemed uneasy at first.

We started by setting the cameras up facing a large chair in the corner of the room. Brianna sat in the chair and I stood to one side clothed. 

She wanted to see the chastity cage because the idea of a locked up penis excited her. It is strange how that concept always seems to draw major interest from new models. They always seem to find it hot that I am locked up under my clothes.

Brianna opened my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled them down. Then she slowly lowered my underwear to reveal my caged dick. 

Looking down at her, I noticed she was chewing gum. It seemed to help her relax and I found it amusing. She continued to chew throughout the session. 


Not sure of how to tease, Brianna stuck out her tongue and began running it along my cock cage. After a short time, she discovered I wasn’t going to cum this way, so she figured she would. 

She removed her clothes to reveal her sexy body, then sat back down on the chair. I was ordered to her feet to kiss and suck her toes as she masturbated. Pulling on her tits and thrusting her fingers in and out of her pussy, she enjoyed her climax as I continued to suck on her toes. 

The clip, Brianna’s First Chastity Tease is a great look at how a woman not familiar with the kink, can make it work for her.


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